Digital Business Models: Examples & Success Factors

The learning nugget provides deeper insight into key success factors of Digital Business Models. Based on selected examples and research projects with a high international visibility, relevant approaches of digitization will be discussed and analyzed for determinants and potentials of different Digital Business Models. Strategies of Digital Business Models development are examined.

Course fee

59,00 EUR

Learning goals

  • You can clarify important terms of Digitization and Digital Business Models.
  • You can give specific examples for Digital Business Models.
  • You know economic effects of digitization and its impact on business models.
  • You can name relevant success factors and determinants of Digital Business Models.
  • You can explain strategies of the development of Digital Business Models.

Learning content

  • Digital Business Models – Examples
  • Digital Business Models – Success factors

How you learn

  • 29 interactive learning contents
  • 10 audios
  • 11 interactive learning success controls


1 hour 45 minutes





Form of learning



Principals of business administration and Information Systems


Certificate of Completion